How To Overcome A Setback

Setback (n): a problem that makes progress more difficult or success less likely. Losing a job, being diagnosed with a medical condition, a failed relationship, the death of a loved one, failing an exam/class- those are just some examples of a setback. There are so many things that could go catastrophically wrong in our journey of life. We all face setbacks. Most of them tend to be on the minor side, like running late or spilling coffee on your papers. Sometimes it can be the smallest of personal matters that eventually amount to something gargantuan. Additionally, we can also be faced with setbacks that knock the wind out of us and make us re-evaluate our lives. Often times leaving us feeling broken. I like to believe that larger setbacks help us set guides for how we handle the smaller ones. They put things into perspective for when our lives seemingly fall apart again. How you react in the face of those setbacks and how you choose to move forward are the things that define you as an individual. While they're never pleasant, you usually come out stronger. I've faced my fair share of setbacks and managed to come out of each stronger and more resilient than the last. How have I accomplished that? Allow me to share. 

#GirlBoss Planners

Each of us can be placed into one of the following 3 groups of people: (1) people who use a physical planner (2) people who use a digital calendar on their phone/computer and (3) people who simply rely on their memory to get them through their daily tasks and schedule. 

I happen to be one of those "unique" human beings (as I like to call myself *sarcasm intended*) that fall into a combination of all three categories. My mind is always going a million miles per second with things I need to get done and things I would like to get done (at some point in the future). Although, I believe my memory is fully functioning, I prefer writing things down and crossing them off of my to-do list, which is where a physical planner comes into play. There's something so satisfying about crossing things off of your to-do list, I know I can't be the only person who feels this way. As far as appointments and bills are concerned, I use a digital calendar for that so that I can be reminded via notifications just in the knick of time. Besides that, I rely heavily on my memory when I'm in the middle of a particularly stressful and busy week. I simply do not have the time (or energy) to pull out my planner, decorate it, and make adjustments accordingly. Anyways, enough about me. 

Current Favourites

You guys have heard me rave about skincare, makeup, and fashion countless times on my YouTube channel in the past. Well, after looking back I noticed that the last time I shared my favourites with you guys was over two years ago. Evidently a bunch of you guys miss those days (as do I) because one of the most common messages that I receive is "what have you been loving lately". *Sigh* I really do miss sharing my current obsessions with you guys- primarily in video form, but hey a blog post works (for now) too. All of the products/items shown above I haven't been able to get enough of- not just lately but the last few months as you may have seen most of them all over my snaps. These are also products that I continuously replace or keep on hand because they've turned into essentials for me.

Huge Sales Alert!

"How do you always look so put together?"- a question I was asked in medical school from a fellow classmate. 

Simply put, I enjoy taking the time and effort to look presentable (when I'm not in the comfort of my own place of course haha). When I'm not dressed for the part, I have very little motivation to try for the part (if you know what I'm saying). If I had to describe my style in 3 words I'd say: comfort meets classyHaving said that, I can't even remember the last time I shared anything involving my personal style or favourites with you. Why not start by sharing current sales with you that you don't want to miss out on?! That makes complete sense to me! 

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