29 Life Lessons I Learned In 29 Years

"Remember that life's greatest lessons are learned at the worst times and from the worst mistakes." - Unknown

Twenty-nine years equates to 10594 days. That also happens to correspond with my current age. I've learned a lot about myself, others, and life in general during that time span. Since this past year has been my "golden year" (I turned 29 on September 29th, 2016), I wanted to share something more personal with you guys. It's 29 of the most impactful life lessons that I've learned, aside from the usual everyday "life hacks" (as they call them nowadays). 

In no particular order, I discuss them in the video below:

Thank you for watching. I hope some of the life lessons that I mentioned resonated with you. Hope you have an amazing week ahead of you!

Much love, xo

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