How To: Clear Skin (Acne Fighting + Anti-Aging)

I had severe cystic acne as a teenager and up until my early-twenties. I'm 29 now and can confidently say that I have clear skin. What would I tell someone dealing with acne? What would I tell patients suffering from acne if I was their dermatologist? What can you do to improve your skin? If you want to know the answers to these questions, keep reading.

If you're new to my blog or YouTube channel then you probably didn't know about what I mentioned above. In that case, below are a few videos you can watch to get familiar with my history with acne.

My Acne Story  
Acne Tips I Wish My Dermatologist Told Me

In this updated video (below), I share my current skincare routine and lifestyle changes that I've been consistently using/implementing over the last year. I discuss the order of products to use for your skincare routine, elaborate on each product, natural alternatives, and other vital information you may not have know about acne. 

Please watch the video if you're suffering from acne (to any degree). These tips have helped me tremendously and quite frankly, they're tips I wish someone had told me when I was much younger.

Skincare Routine Products Mentioned: (click on the product to be taken to their relative websites for purchase or more information)

Makeup Removal: 

Other Products Mentioned: 

Facial Mist:
-Mario Badescu facial spray

Face Masks: 

-Origins retexturizing mask with rose clay
-Boscia luminizing black mask

Collagen Pills:

-Youtheory Collagen tablets (Amazon link)


Documentaries Worth Watching:

- Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead (Netflix)
- Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead 2 (Netflix)
- The Secrets of Sugar- The Fifth Estate (CBC) 
- Sugar: The Bitter Truth 
- Forks Over Knives (Netflix)
- Vegucated (Netflix)
- Simply Raw (Netflix)

I hope you found the video and all of the information that I shared helpful. Don't let acne define you. Chin up buttercup!

Much love, xo

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