What's On My Iphone + Productivity Tips

My favourite types of videos to watch on YouTube are videos related to organization and my absolute favourite happen to be "what's on my iphone" videos. Sadly, I'm pretty sure I've seen about 90% of them. I don't really understand why I enjoy them so much, maybe it's because I like discovering apps that I've never seen before or it's just that these videos give me the motivation to organize my own phone. Who knows. Regardless, it was about time that I created a post on it myself. 

Along with showing you the apps on my phone, I share how I use specific ones to make the most of my time. As I've mentioned countless times before time management will take you places in life. 



Apps Mentioned (that don't already come with the phone): 
  • Gmail
    • It notifies me much sooner (almost instantaneously) of an email rather than the original mail app on the iPhone
  • Pomodoro
    • This app is VITAL in helping you get as much work as possible done! 
  • Countdown+
    • Great for keeping track of upcoming exams or counting up from a new habit that you've started
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Lumosity
    • The only game on my phone. As silly as it sounds, I assess my brain function based on how well I score on this game haha. I swear it's accurate....(highly unlikely)
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat
    • Add me: missBRAWR
  • Instagram
    • Follow me: @missBRAWR 
    • Currently I have a pink, purple, and grey theme going on!
  • Twitter
    • Let's talk: @missBRAWR
  • YouTube Creator's Studio
  • Pages (Facebook)
    • Like my page to keep up to date on my tweets + Instagram posts: missBRAWR 
  • Tumbletail Lite
    • I prefer this app over the original Tumblr app because this allows you to see a bunch of pictures all together, as opposed to seeing them individually and having to scroll through each one 
    • I just created a STUDYBLR :D 
      • www.moti-BAE-tion.tumblr.com (get it haha...cheesy, I know)
  • Pinterest
    • Unfortunately, I never really pin anything. I just use this app to look for healthy recipes, at-home workouts, and random health articles
  • Spotify
    • I only have 2 playlists on here that I keep adding to: Current Obsessions + Studying Playlist
    • Look up "Seema Brar" on spotify. That's me! 
  • VSCO Cam
    • This is where I do a majority of my picture editing and it allows me to see the aesthetic of my feed before I post my pictures to Instagram
  • Facetune
    • Absolutely love this app for its whitening, detail, and smoothing effect
  • Afterlight
    • I really only have this app for its rotate picture function
  • PicFrame
  • PhotoMirror
    • This is what I use whenever you see two of me in a picture 
  • Image Transfer
    • This app makes life SO much easier. You don't have to keep emailing pictures to yourself (from your phone to your laptop, vice-versa). This app does it for you within seconds! 
  • Play Memories Mobile
    • Connects to my Sony camera, once again making life so much easier because of its ability to transfer pictures super quick over a wi-fi connection
  • Yahoo Weather
    • This app is visually appealing in my opinion, as opposed to the original weather app that comes with the phone
  • Waterlogged
    • An app to keep track of your daily water intake. It also sends you notifications on when you should be drinking water throughout the day!
  • Paypal
  • Daily Horoscope
    • This is the app I always talk about on my Twitter. I rarely check it but whenever I do it's on point with what's going on in my life. It creeps me out 
  • Sleep Cycle
    • This app is great for if you have trouble falling asleep and waking up to your alarm
  • Clue
    • Period tracker. Self-explanatory.
  • Sephora
    • Duh. You had to have known I'd have this app on my phone. Come on now! 
  • All Women's Talk
    • Great app full of random articles (beauty, health, love, fitness) to keep you entertained
  • Convert Units
    • I'm a Canadian living in the U.S. I obviously need to convert units all the time
  • Genius Scan
    • Scans documents for you using your phone's camera. Genius app!
  • Tollsmart
    • Great for if you don't have an EZ-Pass (like myself) and you travel throughout the U.S. 
  • Safe Trek
    • This app is essential for anyone who walks through sketchy areas and needs the added safety of being a button away from calling the police
  • Littman Sound Builder
  • USMLE QBank
  • Epocrates
  • Medscape
  • First Consult
  • Qx Calculator
  • NEJM This Week
  • Prognosis


Two other apps that I recently discovered and wish I had shared in the video are (1) Coach Me- amazing for keeping track of daily habits + motivation (2) Enlight- an amazing all-in-one photo editing app :)

Hopefully you guys found this post helpful. Let me know what other apps help you stay productive, I'd love to try them out myself. Have a great day! 

Much love, xo 

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