How To Make A Personalized Erin Condren Cover

It's late afternoon and you need a quick, I'm not referring to caffeine. Surrounding yourself with motivation and inspiration can be one quick form, whether that be quotes, pictures, or people. Taking a glance over something like a vision board can help give you that extra boost that you're looking for. I'm big on creating visions boards. I fill mine up with pictures of what I'm working towards, where I see myself in a few years time, quotes, and people I've met along the way who I greatly respect and view as role models. 

As most of you know, I discovered Erin Condren planners at the end of last year. If you'd like to see the post dedicated to my planner and how I decorate mine then click HERE(If you'd like to order anything off of Erin Condren's site then be sure to click HERE for $10 OFF your order!) 

One of the best parts of her planners is that they have interchangeable covers. I'm someone who gets bored of the same thing easily, so when I found that out I was obviously ecstatic. I decided to design my very own vision board cover. I wanted it to be bright and colourful, hence why some of the pictures are random and essentially not your typical vision board pictures (ie. donuts, pancakes, iced coffee, cake pops). Some of the other pictures that I included are ones related to medicine, smoothies (an essential part of my daily routine), beaches (my happy place), the Golden Temple (religious reasons), an Escalade (Cadillacs are my weakness), my favourite pictures of myself, a mansion, and an inspirational quote.

Below are close-ups of my planner cover (front + back), along with another cover set that I had my bestfriend (Lena ♥) create to her liking. As you can tell, Lena picked more of a colour theme for her pictures, which came out stunning! 

If you'd like to know how to make your own cover follow the steps below:

  • Find and save pictures that you want to include.
    • Personal pictures, quotes, Tumblr, Instagram, etc.
  • Go to and select "collage". Select all of the pictures that you'd like to include on your cover. 
  • At the very bottom of the screen you'll see the dimensions of your picture. Press on the LOCK button to unlock the dimensions and change them to 2100 x 2700 pixels (for a 7 x 9 cover!)

  • Arrange the pictures however you'd like into a collage and save the picture to your desktop 
    • You can select the "Edit" option at the top of the site to add in text or your name
    • Keep in mind that a little bit of each side of your collage will be cut off when they print out your cover
NEXT select ONE of the following options:
  • If you're placing an order for ONLY A CUSTOM COVER then go to THIS page
    • For planners select the 7 x 9 size
    • For large notebooks select the 8.5 x 11 size
  • If you're placing an order for an ENTIRE PLANNER WITH A CUSTOM COVER then go to THIS page
AFTER SELECTING ONE OF THOSE OPTIONS, then proceed to these steps: 
  • Select "Ready to personalize
    • This option is available if you're ordering ONLY a cover 
    • Not available if you're ordering an entire planner with a custom cover- you'd have to add font or your name in PicMonkey itself
  • If you have the option of adding your name, you can. 
  • If you don't want to add your name and you want to keep the cover as only your collage then in the "Personalization" box(es) write in: "no personalization"
    • Both first and last name sections

  • Click on the large empty rectangle to upload your saved image

  • Anything outside of the RED LINES may or may not be cut off when printing your cover
  • If you'd like to further personalize the font on your cover (if that's what you've decided to go with) then select the option at the bottom

  • You can upload a picture/collage for your back cover as well (if you'd like)
  • After that, check the box at the bottom to acknowledge that all of the spelling and personalization options selected are correct. Then select "Continue" and proceed to the checkout :) 
Hopefully you found this blog post helpful. Let me know down below some pictures that you plan on including on your cover. Have a great day! 

Much love, xo 
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