Holiday Lookbook & How I Plan Outfits

Hi loves, as most of you know I uploaded my Holiday Lookbook on my YouTube channel yesterday. It happens to be my best and most creative video, editing-wise, to date in my opinion. I learned a ton about editing and how to do it better and more efficiently. In other words, expect better editing in my videos from now on! This whole YouTube/blogging thing has definitely been a learning experience. 

Additionally, I wanted to share how I styled and planned the outfits in the video. The general idea behind it is what I tend to follow with all of my outfits on a daily basis (unless I'm just staying in because then I throw on sweats and a t-shirt). My personal style tends to focus on simplicity, if you haven't been able to notice. 

Generally speaking, I like to focus on one article of clothing/jewellery or a colour for my outfits. If it's a piece of clothing/jewellery then I like to downplay the rest of my outfit so that the one piece is the focal point. If it's a colour that I'm focusing on then I like to add in accents in that colour into the outfit and pair it with neutrals.

The theme of the lookbook was for it to be holiday inspired. Along with that I wanted to pair a scarf with each outfit and have all outfits include red, white, and black. The point of including scarves was that I feel like they're a staple piece of clothing for the winter months and I wanted to emphasize their versatility. It's incredibly easy to dress them up or downplay them depending on your outfit as a whole. 

Below you'll find the original idea/options I came up with for each outfit featured, along with a couple pictures of the actual outfit on me. As you can tell from the original ideas, I included multiple options of particular clothing/shoe pieces.  I don't like limiting myself to only one pair of shoes or one top (for example) when it comes to outfits. I don't plan ideas like this on Photoshop on a daily basis, this was purely for the purposes of the lookbook. However, having said that, I do tend to do it in my mind on a daily basis when it comes to what I'm wearing. 

These are both outfits you'd find me wearing at a holiday party or loungewear you'd find me shopping in. Comfort is always key! These reflect my personal style as well :) 

OUTFIT #1: Naughty or Nice

-Grey skirt: 

OUTFIT #2: Mistletoe Magic

OUTFIT #3: Holly Days

OUTFIT #4: 'Tis The Season

OUTFIT #5: Santa Baby 

-Black Pants: 

-Metallic shoes: 

Hope you enjoyed the video and all the looks as much as I did planning, shooting, and editing them. Happy holidays! 

Much love, xo 
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